Muddi 15 is not just for Dogs!

Have you got children? Do you own horses? Are you a Surfer? Do you love Camping? Are you a Sports Fanatic?

Well the Muddi 15 is just for you as well as our pet loving friends and can be used for all these activities and many more!

Kids are drawn to mud! No matter where you take them, they'll find it. Whether you need to rinse grubby hands, wash dirty wellies, or spray muck from pram wheels - the Muddi 15 will be a blessing.

Summer heat can be dangerous for horses. The Muddi 15 gives you quick and easy access to a water spray to help keep them cool. And in wetter months, the Muddi 15 will be essential to wash mud and debris from their legs and hoofs. 

Unless you live in a country with all year sun, most of us will need to use a wetsuit to go surfing. As salt water can quickly destroy your suit, it's imperative you are able to rinse your suit down as soon as possible to prolong its useful life and to keep it looking and feeling fresh. With the Muddi 15 not only can you rinse down your wetsuit, but also your surf board and the sand from your feet.

If you love camping in the great outdoors and going back to nature, or attending festivals in muddy fields, washing and showering isn't always an easy option. And communal campsite showering facilities are not everyone's cup of tea! With the Muddi 15, you can use water up to a maximum of 60°C so having a warm shower, washing dirty dishes or cleaning camping equipment is easy.

Do you enjoy the adventure and thrill of mud and trail runs or mountain biking, but don't like the idea of being hosed down with cold water at the end (when you're already cold and wet). Then you'll love the Muddi 15 as it washes away all the mud and sweat with lovely warm water.

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