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Our Story


My name is Hugh and a few years ago I bought my wife, Michelle, a puppy for her birthday, a chocolate Labrador we named Mocha, and as he grew so did the length of our walks. It soon became apparent that high on our dog’s ‘to do list’ on every walk was to find something disgusting to roll in! From speaking to other dog owners this is a very common problem. Even the most well behaved dog will joyfully roll in the remains of a long-dead rabbit, mud, a fresh warm cow pat or Mocha’s particular favourite, fox poo – the smell of which is disgusting! As it’s part of his DNA we decided we were never going to change Mocha’s instincts, which left us with a problem; how do we clean him for the journey home? Despite scouring the internet and pet shops I couldn’t find anything on the market to help with this, so I created White Mud and the Muddi 15.


What is it used for?

 The Muddi 15 is not only for dog owners; in fact it can be used in many other ways:-

  • Spraying horses to keep them cool in the summer and washing mud from legs and hoofs in the winter
  • Showering after mud and trail runs
  • Washing sand off beach equipment, legs & feet after a day at the beach
  • Washing down surf boards & wetsuits
  • Washing muddy sports equipment (boots, balls, cones etc)
  • Washing down muddy pram wheels, wellies, walking boots etc
  • Showering when camping
  • Washing camping equipment and dishes
  • Cleaning muddy bikes


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